doc. Dr. Ing. Oldřich Kodym

Vice-Rector for Education and Guarantor of the Logistics Program (Ing.)


Vysoká škola logistiky

doc. Dr. Ing. Oldřich Kodym

Professional focus:

Information and communication technologies

Automatic identification

Virtual reality


E7592 AUTOEPCIS RFID technology in automotive logistics networks. GACR, senior researcher

520R1 / 2014 Directory information and name services for Internet of Things applications and their pilot deployment in the CESNET academic network in the Czech Republic. Cesnet, principal investigator.

TA02010698 Development of a system for identification, registration and control of protective work aids of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic using RFID technology. TACR, senior researcher

TA020111078 Smart foil for automatic identification. TACR, senior researcher

Education and professional growth:

1978: Mechanic of communication and security equipment (SOU OKD, Ostrava)

1981: Measuring and automation technology (SPŠE, Frenštát p.R.)

1985: Automated control systems of technological processes in mining (HGF VŠB, Ostrava)

1998: Automation of Technological Processes (HGF VŠB-TUO)

2005: Machine and Process Control (HGF VŠB-TUO)


1985-1990: OKD Department of Development of Management Systems at the Odra Mine

1990-2014: VŠB-TUO HGF Department of Automation, Institute of Economics and Control Systems

2004-present: VŠLG o.p.s. Department of Logistics and Technical Disciplines, Department of Master's Studies

Professional organizations:

Acta Logistica Moravica - Editorial Board

Cooperative International Network for Earth Science and Technology - Organizing Committee

International Carpathian Control Conference - International Program Committee

Lean and Green - ECR initiative


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KODYM, O., UNUCKA, J.: Zapojení a systém pro automatickou identifikaci provozního stavu dopravních a/nebo přepravních prostředků. PUV 2016-32662, č.j. E272488

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