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Thanks to the expansion of international trade and the rapid growth of e-commerce, the logistics department is gaining more and more importance in modern society. At present, the trade, transport and storage sector accounts for up to 15% of global GDP. As a result, pressures for accurate deliveries of goods, services and information are increasing, with the demand for trained logistics professionals higher than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the lack of quality people in the industry. For this reason, we record great interest in our graduates, which will continue to grow in the future. In addition, each student can choose from logistics what interests them, as the Logistics program (Ing.) Is divided into three specializations - Logistics and Transport Management, Logistics and Production Management, Logistics and Service Management and Informatics for Logistics and Management.

The study program is taught only in the Czech language.

Logistics (Ing.)

Professional orientations


Logistics and transport management

Gain knowledge of logistics and its impact on transport processes in the economy.


Logistics and production management

Gain new knowledge about production logistics and automation of logistics processes and be prepared for the advent of Industry 4.0.


Logistics and service management

Gain an overview of private and public sector services, in public administration, self-administration and in business entities offering services.


Informatics for logistics and management

Gain information from the field of automated data processing in manufacturing, transport companies, logistics centers, state and local government institutions, banking institutions and insurance companies.

Advantages of studying at VŠLG

Field of the Future

Logistics is one of the most promising fields in the world

Elite teachers

You will be taught by managers and owners of logistics and transport companies

Internships during the studies

Possibility of internships with our partners such as DLH, Schneider Logistics or ŠKODA.

No more learning by heart

More critical thinking and practical experience

Erasmus +

Possibility to travel to dozens of countries

Three cities

Possibility to study in Prague, Bratislava and Přerov.

Our partners

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the specializations? +

    All specializations are based on the same foundation, which is why very similar subjects are taught in the first two semesters. However, from the third semester onwards, individual specializations differ in the study of compulsory and compulsory optional subjects. For example, in the Logistics and Production Management major, students study subjects such as Production Logistics or Automation and Robotization of Logistics Processes, while in other majors these subjects are not mandatory.
  • In which cities is it possible to study Logistics (Ing.)? +

    Currently, this engineering program is taught in Přerov, Prague and Bratislava.
Vysoká škola logistiky o.p.s

Vysoká škola logistiky o.p.s

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