The College of Logistics (VŠLG)

VŠLG was established in 2004 and from the very beginning it has focused on teaching logistics and all its branches. Teaching takes place in Prague, Přerov and from the academic year 2021/22 also in Bratislava. In addition to bachelor's and master's studies, it is also possible to complete a tertiary degree (Ph.D.) or a managerial MBA study at VŠLG. The rector of VŠLG is prof. Ing. Václav Cempírek, Ph.D.

Departments and teachers

Year 2021

In 2020, VŠLG became a member of the United College Prague (UCP) educational group, the fastest growing educational group in higher education in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The UCP group is led by graduates from leading world universities such as Cambridge University, the London School of Economics (LSE) and Maastricht University. For this reason, the main aim of UCPs is to streamline the teaching process, increase internship opportunities alongside studies and minimize irrelevant memorization.

Why study at VŠLG