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For more than 19 years, VŠLG has been preparing its students for a successful career in one of the most promising fields in the world - logistics. The school teaches leading capacities in the field, which have been involved in the design and implementation of logistics projects worth several billion. For example, doc. Ing. Ivan Hlavoň, CSc., DBA, in the position of General Manager, has implemented several transport constructions and solutions for transport systems in several countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Russia. The rector of VŠLG, prof. Ing. Václav Cempírek, Ph.D., DBA, who has been the President of the Czech Logistics Association since 2010. By combining useful theoretical knowledge and its application in the real world during their studies, VŠLG graduates become leading managers in private and public institutions dealing with logistics processes, transport and construction.

The study program is taught only in the Czech language.

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Deepen your knowledge of logistics, transport and warehousing and move on to a successful career.

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VŠLG graduates usually become highly qualified experts in the segment of logistics, informatics, transport and construction. Specifically, he will work in positions such as project manager, logistics and transport specialist, warehousing and distribution specialist, production process manager, developer and administrator of business information systems or logistics and information systems consultant. Thanks to VŠLG's good reputation, renowned companies such as DHL, ŠKODA and Schneider Logistics reach for its graduates. In addition, thanks to good language training, graduates have the opportunity to start their successful careers abroad.


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In addition to quality teaching, I also got valuable contacts at VŠLG. I am still in touch with several classmates, and thanks to my work in various companies in the logistics industry and different orientations, we are able to help each other even after a successful study campaign for higher education.


Thanks to the content and composition of the subjects taught, I gained a solid foundation for further personal development and I can definitely say that supplemented education in this area is a significant plus for my future career.

Vysoká škola logistiky o.p.s

Vysoká škola logistiky o.p.s

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Come and see VŠLG! VŠLG organizes open door days on a regular basis in each of its cities.

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24. 2. 2024Praha
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