Ing. Růžena Caletková

Secretary of the MD Department


Vysoká škola logistiky

Ing. Růžena Caletková

Professional focus:

Logistics services


Corporate finance


CZ.1.07 / 1.1.00 / 14.0170 EKONOM - new forms of teaching economic special subjects, lecturer / methodologists

MV-104766-1 / VSE-2012 Analysis of public administration services - pilot project, researcher

Education and professional growth:

1977: Secondary School of Economics in Přerov, general economics

1982: VŠB Ostrava, Faculty of Economics - Industrial Economics


1982-1990: Přerov Engineering Works p. p. Přerov, Department of Economic Development

1990-1994: Přerov Engineering Works and. with. Přerov, Finance Department

1994-1998: PSP Engineering a. with. Přerov, Finance Department

1998-2000: PS Panelárna Olomouc, Finance Department

2001-2005: PSP Engineering a. with. Přerov, Department of Economics

2002-2009: CZMT a. with. Prague, Economics and Finance Section

2009 -present: VŠLG o.p.s. Department of Economic, Legal and Social Disciplines, Department of Master's Studies