Připravujeme mimořádné číslo internetového časopisu Acta Logistica Moravica, které vyjde v Open Engineering 2021


Logistics and production must currently reflect the newest trends in industry to provide smooth running of all processes. This special edition consists of a selection of papers and studies that were presented within the international workshop “Trends in Logistics and Production for the 21st Century”. The focus of the contributions covers the area of logistics and production and bring the picture of the present and future development in this scientific field.

  • Autonomous mobility
  • Automation and robotization of production processes
  • Optimization of transport-logistics processes
  • Mapping of future competences of the labour market in relation to Industry 4.0 implementation
  • Intermodal transport in transport chains
  • Production technologies
  • Innovative transport systems with neutral carbon footprint
  • Implementation of “Green Deal” into logistics processes
  • Simulation of logistics processes in production
  • Designing of production lines and logistic flows in production
  • Visibility of logistics processes as a competitive advantage

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